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Global Warning


Every day 150 species disappear. Every summer wildfires and floods take away whole towns. Ice caps melt into rising seas. Hundred-year storms make landfall each year. Adults hold conferences and make empty promises. Meanwhile, fossil fuels set fire to our future.


We’re done with empty promises. We’re taking action now.


I’m Sam and I’m fighting for Earth’s survival with my friends: math-smart Catalina, master chef Alistair, weather-watcher Jaesang, and animal-rights activist Zoe. With a little help from a kids’ rights lawyer and a grandma who knows how to march, we’re trying to stop global warming with an amendment to the U.S. Constitution.


You don’t think 12-year-olds can write an amendment that saves the planet? You don’t think we can get it through a hopelessly divided Congress? Okay, that might be hard. Know what’s even harder? Changing enough hearts and minds to get the whole country to look past red and blue and finally see the color green.


Join us?






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